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Richard Huelsenbeck - ‘Inventing Dada’/Tristan Tzara - ‘Dada into Surrealism’

Interviews with Richard Huelsenbeck and Tristan Tzara about the origins of the Dada movement, included on the Les Temps Modernes compilation Futurism and Dada Reviewed.

"It was very important for us to find a target for our resentment. I believe that all creative people have a great resentment, either against the country they live in or the civilisation, the period of history that they live in, and we had this great hostility that we turned first against the war and the imperial regime.

Finally in Switzerland this strand of extreme hostility died down, and in a more comfortable atmosphere we attacked the good Swiss people without any real justification, we attacked everyone in literature, but soon I was very much dissatisfied with it. Finally we generalised in such a way that we attacked conventionalism. The bourgeois was one of our main targets. But the bourgeois has been attacked so often that this couldn’t satisfy me either. So I found out ‘What is the bourgeois?’ and I made the sad discovery that we were all bourgeois.”

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